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Personal Burglar Alarm Detector Systems: The Sensible Method of Protection

Burglars are clever, and most burglaries are committed by "professional" burglars, people who know how to interpret the behavioral habits of the individuals whose homes they intend to rob.

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home burglar alarms systemsThat's actually both good news and bad news for home owners. The good news is that, according to the department of justice, burglaries in the last decade have actually declined. Incarcerated burglars explain the decline as a factor of economics. "People have everything," says former burglar Barry Mathis. Items like televisions, computers, and even digital cameras are so common that their simply isn't enough black market profit to make them worth stealing.

Detectives, however, have a different reason. One in every four homes now has some sort of alert system for intruders, which could be a motion detector, a personal burglar alarm, or one of several different types of burglar alarms that either set off high pitched whistles or contact the local authorities. The variety of alarm systems, including privately employed police officers and security guards has made the occasional amateur thief much less common.

The bad news is that in spite of the improvements, there are still 2 million people getting burglarized every year. As the alarm systems have improved, so have the skills of the thieves. Professional thieves can do everything from intercept your email to actually figuring out what valuables you may have in your home. When the burglar is ready for his raid, he will often know exactly what treasures he is after. He may bypass the TV or computer in favor of much more pricey antiques or firearms. He may ignore the laptop or satellite equipment in favor of popular music DVDs or expensive games and game consoles. According to one report, for example, a 22 year old male who lived alone in a small rented farmhouse with no obvious valuables apparent, was burglarized solely for his priceless baseball trading card collection. Nothing else was taken, and if the burglar hadn't been careless enough to leave the jimmied door open, the missing cards probably wouldn't have been noticed for several days.

The fact that there are fewer homes offering easy access to burglars makes those without alarm systems a greater target than ever. If you do not have an alarm system, you are 15 times more likely to be burglarized than if you have at least a basic system that sets off a loud alarm when an entry is breached.

Your biggest problem in installing an alarm system will be in making a choice. Systems range from the simple do-it-yourself (DIY) systems to complex wireless systems that you can monitor from your computer at work and that will send you an alert on your cell-phone of someone breaks in. Experts claim that the professionally installed systems are better, but that will depend on your situation. Most burglaries actually occur when someone is home. When people are home, they often don't bother to lock the house door or close up the garage. Thus, a simple motion detector or siren that would alert you to the presence of an intruder–along with better personal security habits–may be a sufficient deterrent. If your home is in a secluded area, you may need a more complex system in order to prevent an intruder from entering undetected.

A professionally installed system does have some advantages over a DIY. You usually have to pay a monthly monitoring fee, but the fee can be locked in against increases for one to three years. Also, the alarm company will generally guarantee the system against malfunction or equipment failures. As long as you install something that works, you probably don't need the most expensive system on the market, however. In fact, while you are deciding, just posting a sign or installing up-to-date locks can go a long way toward burglar-proofing your home.

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