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Home Fire Alarm Systems Provide Protection
For You & Your Family!

Fires kill more Americans than all natural disasters put together, according to a study by National Fire Protection Association Fire Analysis and Research. Home fire alarm systems are the first line of defense against such a disaster.

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Unpredictable, destructive and deadly, fire kills more than 4,000 Americans every year and injures another 25,000. Most of these deaths happen in the very place where people should be their safest - in their homes! Two-thirds of these fires occur in houses not equipped with smoke alarms, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Here are Some Grim Statistics About Home Fires:

  • 85% of those who die in fires perish in their own homes, usually when they are asleep;
  • Most home fires are preventable;
  • Home fires cost almost $6 billion annually in property damage and loss;
  • Every 24 hours, eleven Americans die in home fires.

You can protect your family's lives and your property from fire by taking these simple steps:

A home security system with monitoring by GE will notify emergency personnel immediately in case of fire. This is the best "safety net" you can buy for your family's protection: a technology that works automatically in case of disaster, even when you asleep or away from home.

Change the batteries on your simple smoke alarms once a year. Some people pick the day they change their clocks back in the fall.

Have an emergency escape plan for your family. Choose a meeting place for everyone to meet if there is a fire.

Keep an eye on your electrical outlets for overloads, and inspect your home for frayed or broken electrical cords.

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