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Facts about home security: Is your house a target for burglars?

Probably most of us long nostalgically for the days when we could simply lock our door and leave home, secure in the knowledge that few people would bother to go past a locked door, and that for the most part, burglaries were only aimed at the rich. Those days are gone; today's thieves know that even a modest home is likely to have computers, video games, a little cash stuffed in a drawer, tools, televisions and a few other prizes. Unlike other countries, Americans are also likely to have one or two firearms in their homes. All of these items can be picked off and sold at the nearest pawn shop.

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It is imperative to protect your belongings with some sort of home alarm security system. The type of system best for you really is more dependent on the area you live in than on the cost even though cost may be the first issue you consider. If you live in an isolated location, for example, where thieves would have plenty of time to break in, help themselves and get away, with no danger of having an audible alarm heard by neighbors, a mere siren that does nothing more than make a lot of noise might not be of much use. In such an area you need a system that includes home security alarm monitoring service. A silent alarm that contacts the nearest authorities would be a good option as any would-be thieves might think they had plenty of time and could be caught in the act.

If your home is highly visible and in a well-populated area, a system that both calls police and triggers a siren would be good. The burglar would probably be gone by the time the police arrived, but your belongings would be spared which, after all, is the point of the best home security system in the first place.

The type of security system you purchase will depend on whether you are just building a home or are installing it into an older home. In a new home, the system can be installed along with the wiring of the house. A wired system is often considered the most durable and reliable, but in older homes, it may be costly to drill holes in walls and connect the system to the electrical service. In such cases a wireless system will be cheaper (with most companies) to install and more convenient for the homeowner.

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